The creative mind of Martin Creative’s head photographer, Dawson Martin, is described best by his self-identified title as a creative. Dawson is everything you could expect out of a creative. He is energetic, inspiring, passionate, and kind-hearted. Throughout his entire life, Dawson had been in constant pursuit of many artistic ventures. From his childhood fashion creations to his years on the ice as a figure skater, to his continued passion for music which lead him to the Alabama School of Fine Arts, Dawson is a lifelong creative with a never-ending desire for artistic fulfillment.


Dawson’s passion for photography stems from his love of inspiring self-confidence and creativity in others. He feels that his job as a photographer is not entirely about composing the best magazine-ready images but making each subject he photographs feels like a star. Dawson says that “I used to think I wanted to be a healthcare provider until I found out I could make people feel just as good by improving their self-confidence and making them feel beautiful. My passion is people, and I love making them happy.” 


If you are looking for a photographer that will give you model-like confidence in front of the camera, Dawson is the right choice for your next photo shoot.